Not loud enough? Drill some holes in it!

The VP hasn't been happy with the sound of his exhaust for well over a year now. His bikes stock pipes are baffled beyond belief and generally gets washed out in a wall of screaming engine noise that has been described by some as a WWII air raid. 


First he wanted aftermarket exhaust then he wanted to cut the pipes followed by the idea of custom made slip ons. Of course with all of this comes the "should I or shouldn't I rejet the crabs". The money started to add up. That's when I suggested (figuring it would be shot down) the idea of drilling holes into the pipes to make them sound louder. He went for it! 

So here we are outside, the bike parked in the cone of a flood light, Toolz doing what the name suggests (playing with tools and giving some advice) while I direct the operation while holding a tall living room lamp over my head as a makeshift spot light! 


Thankfully we're located in an area of downtown that gets zero foot traffic because I am sure we looked ridiculous but we were killing ourselves with laughter the whole time. About twenty minutes later we had the holes drilled, the exhaust clamped on nice and snug then fired'er up! 


For what could have been well over a thousand dollars of work and parts we accomplished at no cost!  

Poor man's exhaust jobs! Doesn't always need to be pretty. It just needs to work!



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