The Bitter Bitch is DEAD - Season 2015

  The bitter bitch that is a Canadian winter is slowly losing her firm grip on us. Many of us in the club are getting the bikes back out of the road. I calculated that I spent 67 days with out my ride and those were 67 long, painful and frigid days!


Of course with the good weather comes the new season. In our off season there were many conversations about what this season will bring and what we hope to have accomplished by the time the Bitter Bitch rears her ugly head again. Last season we had a lot going on all over the club. Most good and some were “learning experiences”. This season there is a general consensus in the club to bring our eyes back inside and focus on the membership. I think its good to be a little selfish when it comes to this. We spent a lot of time meeting people, hitting up runs and taking some big steps that we finally felt ready for. However with all of that going on we lost sight of the fun and relaxed attitude we have had in previous years. An attitude we're known for. I'm happy it happened because we got to learn from it. The added stresses and sometimes feeling more like a corporation than a bunch of like-minded men ripping their rides down the twisties, partying and having a good time, were necessary but striking the balance is the hard thing that only comes with years of experience. Don't get me wrong there was plenty of that still but our minds were more on the corporate side of things.


There are many aims this year in our focus on membership. We want to hit up more rides and possibly host a few. We are looking to meet more like-minded men who have a need for the road, we got to meet a few last year who hung around and one of them even got patched! (atta boy BULLZEYE!) Instituting a new safety initiative with in the club, something the OCC has mentioned all clubs should consider rolling out. Then there is our support gear which we are hoping to roll out at some point this season.

Surely there will a ton of stuff that comes up that is not planned and that I, personally, can't wait for! On behalf of the Devils Progress MC we hope all our brothers and sisters out there on two wheels, club or not, have a safe year out there on the twisties!