Q: What does "Claims No Ground" mean on your patch? 


A: The "Claims No Ground" bottom rocker on our vests states that we are not a territorial club. We have no interest in saying a particular city, bar, district or province is "ours". We respect the clubs that are dominant within these area's and have no interest on infringing upon them. 

Q: Where did your clubs name come from? 

A: The name Devils Progress came about through the founding members lives. Everyone has demons that they have had to wrestle with. At times one might not be happy with the hand they have been dealt in life or how they have had to adapt to survive it. You're given two options in life; A. let life and those demons win or B. over come them and be the man YOU want to be. So the name came from the acknowledgement of doing what you have to do to overcome and become a better person.

                                    "Never judge a book by its cover for even the Devil can change" 

Q: Are you guys Satanists? 

A: Although we respect everyone's right to believe in whatever they wish, religion has nothing to do with our club. In fact most people in the club generally don't believe in any supernatural being. If they did though (no matter who it was) we wouldn't care. 


Q: I am interested in joining a motorcycle club but I don't have a Harley. Is DPMC a brand specific club? 

A: Many clubs require an American made motorcycle to join their club. We happen to be Canadian and there are no mass produced Canadian made motorcycles. Because of this you can have whatever brand of motorcycle you like in the DPMC provided it is a cruiser/bagger/bobber/chopper/standard style motorcycle. In other words not a "crotch rocket" or sport bike. 


Q: Are you 1%er's? 

A: NO. We are not a 1% club. 


Q: I see 416 and 667 on a lot of stuff, is that your area code? 

A: Although we are a club within the GTA and Southern Ontario it is mere coincidence. 416 stands for the 4th and 16th letters of the alphabet, D and P, which stands for Devils Progress.  As for 667, 666 is the number of the devil. 667 demonstrates progress as it is 1 greater.

Q: I like what you guys are about, how do I join? 


A: Easiest way to start that process is simply to ask a member of the club in person. We are always interested in meeting new people. Having a hard time finding a member? Keep an eye here as we usually advertise the events that we are hosting or attending.