** Please note that acceptance as a Prospect or contact through this site does NOT guarantee membership. This is meant simply to display the MINIMUM requirements for those interested in joining the Club. We are not a “pay for patches” club. Patches are earned! When the Club is not open to new members this page will not be visible. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.** 


The DEVILS PROGRESS MOTORCYCLE CLUB is always on the look out for like minded riders to bring into our brotherhood. If you're seeking a brotherhood, want to join a structured club, and have a positive effect on your community we'd like to meet you! 


The best way to find out information on how to join the DEVILS PROGRESS MOTORCYCLE CLUB is simply to approach a member. We'd be more then happy to talk about what it takes to join the club. However we know that its hard to stop a rider flying down the highway. With that in mind here are the BASIC requirements. 


MUST be 21 years of age or older 

MUST have a valid motorcycle license (M2-M) 
MUST have a safe, working, cruiser motorcycle (any make) 


In order to join the club potential members MUST prospect. Don't listen to what you hear on TV or read in the papers, its not like that.


If you are interested and can't find a member, send us an email and we will get back to you about your inquiry.

*Please note we are based in, although NOT CLAIMING, the Greater Toronto Area but do have members outside of the GTA. To prospect for membership it will require time spent in the GTA on a regular basis. 


DPMC reserves all right to the images and content on this website.

The DPMC is a non 1% Motorcycle Club that poses NO THREAT to any other Club, Group or Organization.

We believe in Loyalty, Brotherhood, and Respect. Helping our Communities and Riding hard!